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The town of Farragut was named for Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, who was born in the area of Farragut. Farragut was the first admiral of the United States Navy. A commissioned bronze statue of Admiral Farragut is found at Farragut Memorial Plaza near the town hall.

The town of Farragut was incorporated in 1980 and the elected officials goals are to promote the development necessary to make it a family friendly community in which to live and work.

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Town of Farragut Facts

Town of Farragut

Named the Most Business Friendly City in Tennessee in 2011, by the Beacon Center of Tennessee. This is Farragut's second time topping the list as Tennessee's Most Business Friendly City, it topped the list 5 years ago, in 2006. According to the 2010 census Farragut's population was 20,689.

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